1 Month Since Turning Vegan: My Experience

A video to document and share my experiences over the past month, as somebody new to Veganism. Honestly, I’ve never felt better and I’m completely in love with how this way of life is making me feel! Enjoy!

BODY: 2:40
MIND: 4:44
TASTE: 10:35


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  1. I rarely comment on videos but after watching this one and reading the comment section I just have to. I love how positive this is! I've been thinking about going vegan for a while now and I'm not that far away from completely cutting out dairy in my diet. This video really helped me to get motivated even more than I was before. Thank you very much for bringing your message across in such a kind and positive way.

  2. As soon as you said you didn't eat much meat before and that you never ate fried chicken, It made your experience of turning vegan less amazing.
    I applaud you for your choice but as someone that has eaten meat everyday since I was a baby, and grew up fishing and hunting and preparing meat from a young child, the transition to veganism will be a lot different for me.
    I do find that most of the vegans on YouTube were never massive foodies to begin with and were more the pasta pizza types.

  3. Ive been Vegetarian for a while now and today transitioning into Veganism. I wanted to start off easy first and now I'm scared… But the reason for going vegan is because 1. I'm sick of what people are doing to animals. It's not fair. 2. It's better for my health and my energy level. The one thing I don't understand is although we're going vegan, the killing is not stopping.

  4. I know 100% how you feel about the no restriction aspect of veganism. Today more or less is my Vegan 1 month anniversary. Although I was already used to reading nutrition labels I still learned a lot. I also got to feed myself lots instead of feeding myself tiny portions all the times. Life has just been so pleasant with this decision that I made.

  5. I have a weird….. moral delima…..Is it considered to be none vegan if you eat eggs of your own chickens? I'm talking organicly fed free roaming happier to be a chicken kind of chicken than you are happy to be a human. The only obstacle in these birds life is the gate I lock every night to keep predators out and we will have them as pets more or less when they get older and cant lay eggs. They will die of old age like our dogs and cats.

  6. whoa…… whoa….. wait a minute…. wtf do you mean you miss chocolate? Is that some sort of vegan no no too? (Lucky for me I haven't had any candy since I started this vegan thing. Loosing cheese was almost a deal breaker for me….. I love chocolate.

  7. One response I've found to be helpful to the often asked, "Well aren't you worried about not getting enough protein/iron/etc?" is to ask people where a bull or horse gets his protein or iron from. Both of those animals are incredibly strong and powerful, yet neither eats meat. I find that it helps to have such a powerful visual because it's something most people can easily picture.

  8. Hannah! This is so crazy to watch because I recently hit my one month of veganism and I can completely relate to everything you're saying! This has been such an awesome change for my life and I will never go back. Thank you for sharing.

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