10 FACTS That Could Turn YOU Vegan

10 FACTS That Could Turn YOU Vegan

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☆ The Best Speech:

☆ Earthlings:

☆ Forks Over Knives:

☆ 101 Reasons to Go Vegan:

☆ Cowspiracy:

☆ Uprooting The Leading Causes of Death:

☆ Shark Water:

☆ Blackfish:

☆ Missrepresentation:


☆ The China Study – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

☆ Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

☆ Dr. Neal Bernard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes

☆ The Low Carb Fraud – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

☆ The Starch Solution – Dr. John McDougall

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  1. Although I love this video and often show it to people looking to be vegan it doesn't do something that I would love it to, cite the information I know you could but maybe you guys could remake it with information citing what your saying

  2. As former meat eating bodybuilder, you're spot on with the bb diet. No one understood how I could eat my chicken plain. It was just discipline, it wasn't because it was delicious. And i'm glad to know that I've now saved 11 animal's lives since I went vegan. woot woot!

  3. Talk about world hunger and blamed for crops planted for animals feed when Country like America had already wasted tons of food (mainly fruits and vegs). Research show 50% food waste comes from consumer whom go and buy stuff at market but throw them away fews day aftermath. That wasted food is enough to fill 7 stadium and when they rot, it contribute to methane gas pollution.

  4. The gmo thing is just ridiculous. Even vegetables are gmos so why put it there? And the pus thingy, if there's pus in milk that means there's an infection, and infection in cow titties are the last thing farmers want. This is ridiculous. People should eat s mix of entomophagy and vegetarianism

  5. to be honest, meat eaters call vegans and vegetarians pussies and bitches and tree huggers bla bla bla, and i eat meat, but i dont say that shit personally, i know 100 percent that going vegan is the best way to live, you can knock it, but that doesnt mean its not right, im trying to take my time going vegan, gave up fast food and pork, chicken and seafood are hard to stop, but im getting there

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