10 Facts That Could Turn You Vegetarian

If you enjoy chowing down on a bacon sandwich then maybe this video will save your life and help cure world hunger. Then again, maybe it won’t, bacon sandwiches are very tasty. Either way, these are 10 shocking facts that might just turn you vegetarian.

10 Disgusting Food Ingredients –

Music = Incendiaries by Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner and Dave James

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  1. the way i see it, if the world went vego all the animals would over populate like rabbits do today, too many and will over-run the world making it about almost impossible to live due to the space etc.. along with we need meat to live healthy.. like how women need iron from or before periods due to losing blood etc.. i do stay away from chicken nuggets on whats in them, along with bad experience + never liked pork it stinks and if its bacon it would need to be 100% crunchy.
    i feel bad for the animals but again you still need to eat meat in your diet.. after watching the vid, im still eating meat.. but i dont go crazy with it.

  2. This is bullshit. Im tired of these vegetarian propagandas. Its cycle of life i mean if the world had no shit left only animals vegans would starve and eat fucking trees. And i really dont want to eat a fucking bush. Meat gut

  3. I am an Animal Lover but OMG MEAT IS SO GOOD. However next year 2018, my goal is to become vegetarian. I know it's going to be harsh but it's my choice. Welp 2018 is about to come so i gotta enjoy all the meat that we are preparing on new year's eve.

  4. Wow this video just gave me the motivation to go vegetarian for good. I never really liked the taste of meat anyway but had to eat it at least twice a week because my parents would make me do it. Maybe it won't be too hard since I love fruits, vegetables, and nuts a lot. Also vegetarian and vegan food always looks so yummy!

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