10 Movies You Can’t Watch Twice

10 Movies You Can’t Watch Twice – Screen Time brings you a list of movies that we found rather hard to watch more than once.

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  1. Hello, you calling Brandon Teena "girl" and "her" caused a strong visceral reaction in me. If in the future you could NOT it would be great thanks. -sincerely, a trans man (seriously tho you probably didn't do it to be malicious and i just hope you know better now.)

  2. Movies on the list I've watched 5+ times:

    Requiem for a Dream
    Hard Candy

    Movies that I feel MOST people wouldn't watch twice (or once?):

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
    Human Centipede 2
    Serbian Film
    August Underground's Mordum

  3. lol Hardy Candy is infinitely rewatchable. Was never uncomfortable once. The movie starts with the 30+ year old dude picking up a 14 year old. I had no issues with torture she put him through.
    Audition, on the other hand, I could only watch it once. It has stuck with me for 12 years. When we're led to believe his torture is over and it's just a horrible dream then you hear that sound she makes when she's cutting with that wire…will never forget it.

  4. Martyrs!!! Omg it's interesting, cringing, and horrifying! Also I saw a movie called "Hunger" on Netflix that gives me a bad feeling every time I think of it. 😷 Also "the road"… basically anything with cannibalism….I just can't!

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