10 Movies You Need To Watch Twice To Understand

The Most Mind-Boggling Films That Need A Second Look
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Ever walked away from a film feeling confused? A little brain food once in a while is a good thing – cerebral movies films challenge our intellect. They’re a necessary component of a balanced cinematic diet.

But some movies are so opaque they need several viewings to be understood, like the entries on our list of 10 movies that you need to see twice to understand. Spoiler warning!

Memento | 0:24
The Fountain | 0:46
12 Monkeys | 1:17
2001: A Space Odyssey | 1:46
Inherent Vice | 2:15
Fight Club | 2:43
The Tree Of Life | 3:20
8 1/2 | 3:56
Mulholland Drive | 4:25
Primer | 5:00

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