29 Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh (New Pics)

Hi, I’m Vincent, the pioneer of these comics and I have always had a passion for seeing beings laugh. Since I was often doodling during tasks, comics seemed to be the excellent medium to share my opinions with the internet. So in 2013, I started the webcomic LOLNEIN.

Most of them are about inanimate objectives which come to life. That’s because I have always, especially as a child, personified things around me. And since a lot of my comics are about daily objects, countless people can strongly relate to them. Some comics is likely to be change how you look at all the everyday objects around you. For instance, what does my shower principal “ve been thinking about” downpour? Do brooms and mops is moving forward? Are strainers actually just bad bowls?

For this announce, I put together a little selection of my latest comics I thought you might enjoy. Have fun!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Each comic also has a bonus panel which you can find on my website( attach below ).

If you are interested, you can find Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here.

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# 1 Huge Guy# 2 Call The Doctor# 3 Late For Work# 4 Bruised Bananas# 5 The Right Amount Of Pasta# 6 Pretty Fly# 7 Missing Mug# 8 Clean The Floor# 9 Humaning Again #10 Second-Class Hair #11 Comic Strip #12 Must Bee Love #13 Heart Problems #14 Challenge Gone Wrong #15 Therapy Session #16 The Perfect Camping Spot #17 Professional Help #18 Happy World Turtle Day #19 Spilled Food #20 A Question Of Digestion #21 New Normal #22 Too Cool #23 When Life Makes You Lemonade #24 The Hard Stuff #25 Unpleasant Memories #26 Climate Change #27 Bus Of Thought #28 Daily Exercise #29 See The Stars

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