Here are 3 of my go to dinners for those hectic evenings. Proof that eating healthy is as quick and accessible as it is delicious.

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  1. All look noms!  Do you have a recommendation of brands that sell vegan kimchi, if we don't want to make it?  I believe lot of brands use seafood products like anchovies or shrimp.  I'll check out your recipe though.

  2. I personally love you guys!! I always use your recipes when trying to transition into being vegan. I don't trust a lot of recipes that many youtubers use because it just lacks flavor lol. But your food is so awesome and delicious! Thanks so much!

  3. guys my top tip for any kind of tomato sauce is to put the tiniest amount of cinnamon in it! be very careful with it, just a pinch and trust me it's delicious, even my friends who usually don't like cinnamon love the sauces like this, takes it to another level!

  4. Fuck sake the amount of haters on here. People need to get their heads out of their arses and not take everything so serious!! As a German I know that Sauerkraut is entirely different to Kimchi. Does that offend me? No. They made a mistake. They are just showing people quick and healthy ways to get dinner on the table. It's notging to do with authenticity. They never claimed to do an authentic Asian, German Italian Dish. I get when people get a bit upset about traditional recipes like the Italian's about their bolognese. But people have been putting their own interpretation of recipes out there for years. Get over it. People mix up names, people break pasta to make it cook faster, it happens. Aslong as someone doesn't claim to be making an authentic traditional recipe(which even varies depending which region of a country it's from ie. sauerkraut has many versions in Germany/Bolognese in Italy) I don't get the deal. A kind comment just to mention" hey guys, great video just as a side note in case you didn't realize kimchi and sauerkraut are actually different things because they use x and x ingredients etc. Thought it might help." would do the trick, there's no point in going at them like crazy. Are they really going to listen to hate? No. Kind suggestions and constructive criticism will get you way farther. Rant over. ✌❤

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