5 Reasons to GO VEGAN

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  1. Your comments about animal welfare apply really to the US and not in UK and I cannot comment on any other country of the world. Also humans have evolved to eat meat and animal products as well other foods. We already produce enough food to end world hunger it is just not distributed evenly.

  2. I recently decided to go vegan but it's really hard because my friends aren't supporting me – constantly telling me I won't make it and even threatening to trick me into eating meat sometime. I go to a small school so I'm the only vegan and there's only one other vegetarian 😰

  3. I don't eat meat and haven't done for 7 years, I wish I could be vegan! I am however, the fussiest eater in the world and there aren't enough foods I like/ can keep down that don't contain animal produce. I already struggle to eat out at restaurants, trying to find a meal without meat or any of the hundreds of foods I don't like seems impossible enough. To remove eggs and milk from this, I honestly don't think I would be able to eat anywhere. You girls are great and I 100% understand why anyone would want to be Vegan, I've tried multiple times since I became vegetarian, hopefully one day my body will decide that I do like the taste of more than about 10 foods, and allow me not to vomit them up!

  4. I went vegan for the animals and for health reasons. I've been vegan for almost 2 weeks now and I already notice the positive changes. I feel less stressed and I never limit what I eat. Veganism is awesome!!!

  5. To all the vegans who think eating meat is murder… If an animal was running toward you about to kill you would you kill it? Or would you let it kill you because it's an innocent animal who doesn't deserve to die…? HUMANS ARE INNOCENT AND DONT DESERVE TO DIE. Animals don't care if you don't kill and eat them or not, it would kill you and eat you if it wanted to.

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