7 Best Realistic Space Movies

7 Best Realistic Space Movies
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While movies like Star Trek and Star Wars give us almost completely fictionalized versions of space travel, every once in a while a movie comes along that shows us what it’s really like. Traveling through space isn’t so much an adventure as a tedious, slow paced journey that can quickly turn into a nightmare and today we’re sharing our list of the best and most realistic movies about space. A word of warning before we start though, there will be spoilers.

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  1. gravity has nice detailed graphic but it is one of worst movies i have ever seen.. it reminds me Zathura, a space adventure LOL .. but zathura is completely different type of movie and is kind of good in its genre..

  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey.. "Aside from the ending pretty much nails space traveling?"

    In my opinion the ending is what truly represents space-time traveling on this film, to go into the unknown and truly accept and humble ourselves to the fact that we're not ready to comprehend what's truly out there (at least from our "political/spiritual/human/space-time" perspectives). From the discoveries of new horizons we are truly reborn

    Anyway. It truly deserves #1 on the list

  3. Interstellar shouldn't be at 7. It's the best space movie ever. And by the way the book shelf inside the black hole was actually inside a tresaract which was created by advanced future generations of humans which wanted to help it's past to save themselves. Don't just bluff anything without knowing what it is.

  4. Interstellar definitely has more astrophysics and science than any other movies listed. black holes ,wormholes, time dilation and higher dimensions? Thats almost complete package of astrophysics right there. And realistic wise, I think Apollo 13 is pretty realistic, much more realistic than sunshine I believe since it's a true story.

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