7 Easy Vegan Recipes for My Vegan Challenge / 7 Recetas Veganas

(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL) I recently issued a 5-day (or 3-day) #vegan challenge to my followers! Here are SOME recipe ideas that I’ll be incorporating during my challenge. Recipe links below!

Portobello & Sweet Potato Pot roast –
Sesame butternut squash & green bean stir-fry –
Soyrizo stuffed bell peppers –
Curry roasted cauliflower with pistachios –
Tempeh power bowl –
Blueberry & walnut muffins –
Pea Guacamole

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  1. I hope you can get a chance to answer this question(s), I understand you are busy :).

    What was your calorie intake during the time you were vegan?
    Did you use vegan protein powders to boosts your macros similar to that of you diet is with animal protein?
    Were there any supplements used to get some of the nutrients that are harder to obtain in a vegan diet? Such as b-6 and b12?
    Any drawbacks from eating meat replacement foods such as tempeh, seitan and such?
    How long was this vegan adventure?

    Regardless whether you can answer these questions or not thank you for the great content.

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