90 Day Fiance: Colt and Larissa Fight Leads to Domestic Battery Arrest

Over the weekend, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested for domestic battery against her husband, Colt.

After Larissa's panicked messages to fans, sent while locked in her bathroom, many expected that it would be Colt who was arrested.

Now that we've heard both sides of the story, we understand a little more of how this arrest went down, and what led to it.

Also, this is not Larissa's first arrest in the last five months.

It sounds pretty toxic, folks.

And parts of this sound a little terrifying.

Beware that there are, obviously, some 90 Day Fiance spoilers here.

1. Colt and Larissa Had a Huge Fight

Colt and larissa on instagram
We have both sides of their argument

2. Larissa locked herself in a bathroom

90 day fiance colt and larissa
She issued what looked like a frantic plea to her followers, saying that Colt had taken her phone and encouraging them to message him to reconnect her.

3. She also seemed afraid that he would call the police

Colt and larissa photo
When the police arrived, it was Larissa who was arrested, not Colt

4. it started with Larissa being upset

90 day fiance larissa colt fight 01
Apparently, Colt (probably to avoid spoiling 90 Day Fiance) asked her to not interact with him on social media, which she took personally, and went on an Instagram rant about how it was selfish and hurtful.

5. Colt came home with flowers

90 day fiance larissa colt fight 03
This apparently did not have the intended effect upon Larissa, which she says that Colt took poorly

6. Larissa accuses Colt

Larissa accuses colt 90 day fiance gif
Larissa showed her followers video of a mess that Colt allegedly made while angry. That is definitely not good.

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