A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think!

Was hacked, I’ll have to rewrite this later.

TED Talk

Sergey Brin:


6:18 Cash – Hope

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  1. Really, if you want to talk about financial solutions, dont talk about UBI. UBI is common, boring, goverments and the rich are pushing for it which speaks volumes. Instead look at UBS (services) which is almost RBE.

    Solutions to 90% of humanities problems ( ):

    Alternative economic systems:
    – a Resource Based Economy (RBE)
    – The Ubuntu Contributionism System (TUCS)
    – an Open Economy
    – a Freedom Economy

    – The Venus Project (TVP / RBE) – Jacque Fresco
    – The Ubuntu Contribution System (TUCS)- Michael Tellinger
    – The Free World Charter (open economy) – Colin R. Turner
    – New Earth Nation (NEN) – Sacha Stone
    – Intentional Community Sharing (ICS) – you
    – The Mocica Project – mocica .org/en/Project
    – Paradism – Rael
    – The Valhalla Movement
    – Copiosis
    – The Zeitgeist Movement
    – The Transition

    Books on getting rid of money:
    1- UBUNTU Contributionism: A Blueprint for Human Prosperity by Michael Tellinger
    2- The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War by Jacque Fresco
    3- Escaping The Fish Bowl: The Awakening To A Freedom Economy by Robyn Moyle
    4- Trekonomics : The Economics of Star Trek by Manu Saadia
    5- F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man by Colin R. Turner
    6- Into The Open Economy by Colin R. Turner

  2. Why don't we figure out a way for A I to physically need humans so that way we all can co-exist to gether kinda like how the clown fish needs the sea anemone for shelter???? Maybe this type of idea will work so that way the A I will see the human race as an essential need to it's every day function even if we have to use a little bit of biochemistry to make this happen

  3. One of the leads of Google registered a Church of AI with the IRS to worship AI, so all I can tell everyone is this. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the best shall both speakj, and cause that as many that would not worship the image of the beast should be killed Revalation : 13:15. Please accept Jesus as your savior now I beg you, please before it's too late. These people are going to extinct humanity.

  4. The only thing that is worrisome about this is potential integration with biochemistry. The idea of a laboratory or series of them fully autonomous seems a wonderful and efficient way of progression regarding research. Although I feel due to complexities mainly in decisions involving keeping random diversity there is no experience. Although that may change someday with fusion practices… Which brings a whole new series of questions involving biological percentages of constructs we need not go into. Decisions regarding life should be made by the living.

  5. we should make AI that goes to other planets and brings us materials and humans numbers should be settled down if they go 29 people up 29 less children are made so humans will live in heaven untill earth explodes 🙂

  6. I don't know of single person who could say they have never experienced a glitch with their phone, and I'm expected to believe that self driving vehicles are just around the corner. I think not. A glitch with a phone, or a hack of your computer is one thing, a glitch or hack of a self driving vehicle is quite another. Let me know when you can present the world with a glitch free phone. Until then all of this is nonsense.

  7. This is truly an amazing point, in the history of the human race, and a knew tool from the continuation of the industrial revolution. The point that you bought up in regards to the AI in the hands of the wrong types of humans, is the one thing that has bothered me for some time! ,just imagine Adolf Hitler with this technology, he would have killed more than the fifty million, that number could have gone to four times that number, or imagine Joseph starline with this technology , or idi Amin dada, just the idear, of human beings, having exclusive access to this technology just makes me nervous. Just look at the latest US president, it just worries me, just imagine him with access to his own powerful exclusive AI! ? . The people how are working on this as a suggestion what about some kind of AI safety valve eg the AI are taught how to look for these kind of humans and will then take the write action to stop them or some how inform some one about what that person, or persons are doing. This safety valve would have to be buried deep in side the AI were no human being could tamper with it !, and make people know it's there so they know that they cannot get the AI to do there nefarious dark work for them! . Don't forget when knew technology, is created someone will find away to abuse it! ,:)

  8. Something 1000 times smarter than humans would have no reason to kill or destroy it would only create. Violence it an act of emotion and stupidity and AI has neither of these traits. As humans get more intelligent the less violence you see. Look at history. The Wild West . Or the old mid evil times people were barbaric. And the areas of the world with poverty and crime tend to have the most un educated people.True Story

  9. Neural Networks are powerful but they are modeled on the human brain and as well as a stick figure is modeled on human anatomy.

    3:00 Wavenet produced the music is wanted.
    We should careful with our language and not introduce qualities there are not there. Wavenet doesn't want anything, it has no emotions, no wants, no desires, it's just algorithm. The music it played was the result of the algorithm someone programmed into it and the examples it was give.

    4:25 The images were produced just from text descriptions. No they weren't, the were generated from thousands and maybe millions of images and textual descriptions that were fed into the network while it was being "trained" up. I wonder how similar the images it produced where to some of the images it was fed? The feat may seem less remarkable if the source images are considered.

    But on the whole I think this video get it right. A.I. is powerful and will be do more and more things in the future. There is little danger that some A.I will become our overlord but there is real danger of mismanagement of A.I leading to bad social outcomes.

  10. one ai is scary enough when it became a citisen of a country . what abought. two ai becoming citisens of differnt countries ? can there be two ? we have no understanding of the creation of self , yet indevor to create a God in our image. i think it to be a great possibility that we as a unstable bein look for stability of understanding between poeples ,will look for power to do so. So empowering an ai or two ai, is to raise up ai as an eintity with power equile to or greater than that of its creator( not to be confused with Creator). to create so called ai and give it citisen is to call it a life form,equil to or greator than self. we are in for a bummpee ride WILL EVE (SOFEA) TAKE A GIGA BYTE OUT OF THE APPLE ? i ask you this how do you know its not a spirit that will inhabit the link between worlds? if we play with fire we may understand its hell.

  11. You think AI should be "open source"? That is dumb. Consider how much harm a terrorist group like ISIS could do if they get their hands on it. It opens doors for abuse as well as good intentions. AI technology needs to be highly controlled and if it is made open source, laws and strict regulations need to be put in place and enforced to the letter.

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