A Year in the Life: Look Back at Birthday Baby Chanel's Mini-Milestones

The heir to the Coco and Ice-T throne has officially celebrated her first birthday.

With a name like Chanel, the couple’s only daughter was destined for a life of glitz and glamour and her parents wasted no time getting her accustomed to the fabulous life. 

Armed with her own social media accounts from birth, little Chanel Nicole captivated the country’s attention with colorful photoshoots, red carpet appearances and her signature infant style. 

While all eyes were on the adorable bundle, she stole her mom and dad’s hearts the quickest. 

“I wake up every single morning with her by my side and she looks at me and smiles in the morning and says hi,” Coco told E! News a week before her only child’s first birthday. “She’s made my life better. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning.”

Here’s a recap of baby Chanel’s first year and all the steps she took to win the world over in just 12 months. 

November: Welcome to the World!

The reality star gave birth to the couple’s first child a bit early, but just in time for the holidays. “Surprise!!! Look who came early!!” the proud mom rannounced on social media on Nov. 28, 2015. “Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole.. A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound and 18 inch baby girl. Ice and I are so proud! I cried while she was coming out I was so excited to meet her!”

December: All Smiles Here

As the new month rolled in, Chanel took to social media to share her first grin with the world.  

Mariska Hargitay, Chanel


January: An Introduction to Olivia Benson

It’s never too early to meet your first celebrity. Soon after ringing in her first New Year, the infant came face to face with her dad’s longtime co-star on the set of—you guessed it—Law and Order: SVU. The actress was immediately a fan of the little one. 

“This baby #CouldNotBeAnyCuter,” Mariska wrote on Instagram. With Olivia Benson on her side, Chanel officially had it made. 

Coco, Baby Chanel


February: Ear Bling

At 3 months old, it was time for Chanel to get her ears pierced. The infant showed up on Instagram in early February with a pair of fresh studs. “Guess who got their ears pierced today….” Chanel’s Twitter account read. “Portrait of a happy baby.”

Coco topped the look off with a mini tiara and the baby was all set. 

March: Introducing Uncle Jimmy Fallon

It took four months for the baby to meet her “rich Uncle Jimmy” and when she did on The Tonight Show, was was asleep the entire time. Fortunately, Coco was ready with a camera to capture the moment and save for later. 

“Congratulations! That is the most beautiful baby,” the late-night host gushed. 

April: Mother-Daughter Spa Day

For a girls day at the salon, Coco took her baby to her favorite New Jersey spot to get her hair highlighted. In between all of the pampering, Chanel was front and center for mom’s “Gisele Bundchen” moment. 

“I like it when mama gets her hair done,” a photo on the baby’s Instagram read. “I can’t wait to get hair so I can do mine but mama says she’s not gonna let me touch my hair.”

May: Time to Chow Down!

By six months, Chanel was trying solid food and going on her first family vacation. “You should see [baby Chanel Nicole’s] suitcase..its full of all island gear,” Coco wrote on social media. “Seriously cuteness overload! This fashionista has got it going on!”

The baby and her mama had plenty of twinning moments in matching bikinis while they soaked up the sun in the Caribbean. The time also marked the new mom’s first Mother’s Day.

“Being a mother is the best gift in the world! Happy mother’s day to all those badass moms out there!” she wrote on Instagram. “The pure joys of motherhood…words just don’t express.”

June: Experiencing “The Greatest Show on Earth”

The baby starlet had her first circus experience in June alongside her mama in another one of their matching outfits. 

July: Red Carpet Rockstar

With summer in full swing, Chanel proved it was never too early to make your red carpet debut when she did just that in a floral headband in the arms of her mom. “Shout out to Chanel for holding me down all day at my event,” Coco tweeted. 

August: The Belle of the Bow

She may have been only ten months old, but Chanel proved with this Instagram post that it’s never too early to start building your Instagram collection. Plus, she was already blossoming into quite the social butterfly. 

“The other day she said the word ‘hi.’ In the morning when I wake up with her…I always say the word ‘hi, hi, hi.’ I wanted her to say it again. She was like what? Say it again,” Coco told E! News at the time. Chanel was well on her way to becoming a chatterbox. 

September: So Long, Summer 

Chanel and her mom celebrated Labor Day while poolside in matching leopard bikinis. “Watcha looking at? These are all natural rolls..I get it from my mama,” the photo was captioned on Instagram. 

October: Coco Had a Little Lamb

Before celebrating her birthday, it was time for Chanel to experience her first Halloween, so mom got her prepared with not one, but five different costumes, including a monkey, a lamb and a flower. “This may be my new thing all year dress up in costumes!” she joked on Instagram. 

November: Happy Birthday, Chanel!

Now that she’s officially one, there’s no telling what Chanel has in store after this year full of firsts. 

“One year ago yesterday I got the best gift in the world,” Coco gushed on social media. “Happy Birthday baby girl! The love I have for her no words can explain.”

Chanel also had plenty to say on her special day. “Yep!!! I turned 1 years old Nov 28th!!!” her Instagram account read. “I’m a big girl now.”

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