Amber Portwood: Did She Have a Prison Girlfriend?!

In 2012, Amber Portwood begged a judge to send her to prison after violating probation on a drug possession charge.

She wanted prison over rehab, because she said that she struggled so much with addiction that being locked up was the only way she'd get clean.

Amber ended up serving only 17 months, and during her time in prison, she really cleaned up her act.

She got sober, she took classes, and she even helped other prisoners with their addiction problems.

But according to Amber, that's not the only thing she got up to in there.

In this shocking new video all about 100 Things About Teen Mom, the girls discuss which actress would play which mom in movies about their lives.

Catelynn Lowell said that if she had to pick an actress to play Amber, she'd pick Laura Prepon — well, she said Alex from Orange is the New Black.

Coincidentally, Amber said that she'd cast Taylor Schilling as Catelynn. Of course, Taylor Schilling plays Piper, the main character of Orange is the New Black.

Someone pointed out that "you'd be prison girlfriends," and that's when Amber really opens up on the topic of finding love behind bars.

Learn about Amber's prison secrets, plus more Teen Mom secrets, in this video:

Amber portwood did she have a prison girlfriend

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