Andrew Barron – Artificial Intelligence

Talking points:
– Could AI Surpass Human Intelligence?
– AI May Help Address Enormous Global Problems
– The Computing Power Required for a Human Level AI
– Is AI a Threat to Humanity?
– The AI Paperclipper Analogy
– AI Motivation Systems Design
– It would be great to have a conversation with a superintelligent AI about gravity

— Biography
Andrew Barron is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University. With his team at Macquarie they are exploring the neurobiology of major behavioural systems such as memory, goal-directed behaviour and stress from a comparative and evolutionary perspective. In 2015 Andrew was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to develop a computational model of the honey bee brain.

Andrew’s PhD (Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge 1999) considered the possibility of the retention of memory through metamorphosis in Drosophila. Prior to his move to Macquarie in 2007 Andrew had the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Prof. Ben Oldroyd (University of Sydney), Prof. Gene Robinson (University of Illinois), Prof. Mandayam Srinivasan and Prof. Ryszard Maleszka (Australian National University).

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  1. "There is no point to build an AI with a single unitary goal."
    And if such an AI is built, it would not be intelligent you say. Why not?
    I get the sense you're anthropomorphising a little bit there.
    Interesting points anyways.

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