Arizona trip shows Trump worried despite FBI probe

Donald Trump has made so many campaign stops in swing state Arizona he should probably open a new hotel here.

The Republican candidate made his seventh visit to Phoenix with renewed momentum from the reaction to the latest email scandal to befall Hillary Clinton.

But the fact Mr Trump has made so many visits to this sprawling desert metropolis is evidence his campaign is worried.

Only once since 1952 has the state picked a Democrat for president but polls show a tight race in 2016.

Hillary Clinton stands on stage with a number of female celebrities.
How celebrities try to swing elections

He again hammered Mrs Clinton over her fitness for office. The faithful love it – the chant “Lock her up” has replaced “Build the wall” at rallies – but Mr Trump needs wider support.

He told the crowd that Mrs Clinton’s “corruption is corrosive to the soul of our nation”.

“It is everybody’s hope that justice will be properly delivered.”

Pollsters say Mr Trump faces an uphill battle to win on election day and defeat in a traditional ‘red’ state like Arizona would be a symbolic blow.

Clinton: 'People made up their minds a long time ago'
Clinton ‘confident’ over email inquiry

His campaign is trying to make capital from news that Obamacare premiums in states like Arizona are due to soar next year. In any other election year, it would have been a game-changing issue.

All eyes will be on the opinion polls that emerge in the coming days as to whether swing voters are moved by the renewed email scandal.

Trump supporters in Phoenix say they hope the undecided voters are paying attention.

Patricia Pitman said: “I think the people who are already huge Hillary fans are going to stick with her but the independents have to make a big decision and I think they’ll go with Trump.

Donald Trump says Clinton email scandal is bigger than Watergate
Trump: ‘This is bigger than Watergate’

“If we don’t know what’s been going on, how can we make a good decision on who to vote for?”

Bill MacDonald added: “I think it should matter to people who are still sitting on the fence, they should look at it and say, ‘It is time to make a decision.’

“Sadly a lot of people have voted early already and if they change their minds, they can’t change their vote.”

The Trump camp is delighted that Mrs Clinton’s woes are dominating the news cycle. When that has happened previously in this race, his poll ratings rise.

It also keeps Mr Trump’s own controversies and scandals out of the headlines – and that is a huge relief to his team.

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