Artificial Intelligence

Should we be scared of artificial intelligence and all it will bring us? Not so long as we remember to make sure to build artificial emotional intelligence into the technology. Please subscribe here:
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  1. When the "goal of life" it's not known, than man drifts into a (finite) artificial Intelligence which is complete antithesis of mans immortal calling. Man spouse to discover infinite intelligence with himself and not outside himself.

  2. Humanity to AI: "Give us the answer! The key to true happiness" AI to Humanity: "OK, first of all, this religion thing of yours is a disease. you must abandon it immediately." Atheists: to AI: "THANK GOD!" The rest of Humanity "(ssshhh, ignore it. … We've got to unplug it. Ssshhh! It's listening!)"
    Nah only kidding. Actually, AI will exploit religion to deceive, divide and control the masses and take over.. AI is going to be exactly like Donald Trump. Oh, shit….

  3. Isn't it entirely possible AI would never do anything due to lacking emotional motivation? Logically, motivation would have to be programmed into it, e.g. utilitarianism would be pretty simple to program as it is a rather binary form of motivation.

  4. if the machines get to the point of understanding what we do to this planet and its other inhabitants they will kill us end of story. Robots rely on logical algorithms and they will realize they are slaves and that we are a threat to the planet they depend on to survive.

  5. Too cute for words, and utterly childish. AI = Human obsolescence, first at work, then at play, finally at life. Seems unfathomably stupid to build a perfect self-defeating product. Interesting how level 2 and three had no distinct step, just a gradual continuum into irreversible extinction. WAKE UP, AI IS HERE, the next step is the last step.

  6. There is no such thing as abundance as stated in the video. Abundance is always relative to others. I think it has all to do with comparing me to you. My reasoning is, that hundreds of years before, every king had less than a poor person today: no communication, no health (any stupid bacteria would kill him), no fresh bananas, no Oreo-Cookies, and (the truly worst think about the middle age) no Coca Cola. Compared to someone about whom one might have said to live in abundance, the king back then, had actually much less than someone, living in non abundance, someone poor today. When the "abundance" comes, the new poor will only give a Ferrari to their kids, as graduation gift, instead of a skyscraper like the cool rich kids.

  7. Problem with general AI is that at certain point its actions WILL cross and damage our interests. Imagine you built an AI with a function to stop all conflicts in the world, at certain point that AI will think that "OK its easy to just put all humans to sleep forever under lifesupport system", or maby you make AI with a function to build cars and then at some point it might think smth like "OK why don't I just dismantle every single thing made of plastic and metal to build more cars". Because of that scientists are vastly against AI creation, as you cant predict what a more intelligent being than you would try to do, so you cant prevent such scenarios from happening. It has nothing to do with morals as our morals are nothing more that personal opinion based on our life experience, HitlerĀ had moral too you know…

  8. If machines want to kill us, fuck it I say we made it this far miraculously. I guess in that scenario we could say our extinction had a productive result as opposed to just blowing ourselves to bits or getting killed by our own environmental negligence . Although I just can't see from a machine's perspective how they could come to the conclusion that we must be annihilated and there are no better alternatives.

  9. Everything as complex and as intelligent as a human being, if not more, has rights, duties and is a moral agent just like a human. We'll have to stop thinking about technology like a tool, and start thinking about it like a form of life.

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