Artificial Intelligence

“The daily grinding of evolution, as accelerated by technology, churns out more and more complex organisms, with higher rates of energy use, and with increasing specialization. Minds are the ideal way to express complexity, energy density, increasing specialization, expanding diversity — all in one system. Mindedness is what evolution produces. Mindedness is what technology wants, too.” -Kevin Kelly

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  1. PS – here is an excerpt: "The NAA are attempting to use technologies at the subatomic scale to accomplish their goal of creating artificial timelines for their Transhumanism and hybridization projects. With artificial timelines, they can clone or replicate DNA or soul capture images and then project them into a specific location by matching the frequency of their target at the subatomic scale. Further, they are attempting to stuff entities with different subatomic units into human bodies, using mostly those being hybridized with technology or running predominately artificial frequencies. With energetic discernment, this can be easily sensed or felt. When body-forms are replicated at subatomic levels they are extremely low frequency, with no heart, compassion or empathy. In whatever form that body takes, it will feel artificial, dead and lifeless." From

  2. What this guy says in this video is complete stupidity. AI doesn't work like that, it cannot "learn" like a human, and unless someone has a really, really good idea of how to make it happen, it will never happen. There is no "evolution" to that "intelligence", because AI is NOT intelligent, it's only programmed decision making with some "learning" (ie: this kind of decision is bad because it fails every time it's taken, so the program will do it less often). The only advantage a computer has over a human is the extreme speed of decision making. Programming AI, even basic ones, is very difficult and you can only program something that is way, way, WAY less intelligent than you are. It's annoying how everyone who talks this way of AI don't know anything of real AI.

  3. I believe we should utilise Ai however it should be narrow Ai meaning the equipment shouldn't be self aware or self learning. Humans should always have a grip on the technology (regularly regulating) otherwise our race will be left behind and inferior. At the rate of expansion of a computer we would be comparable to an ants intellect in less than a century.

  4. this makes me laugh when I hear the word our creation!! sure we can invent and make creative thoughts & Acts!! maybe create some sweat in the process… but we can never create creation!! Creation is making something to exist from nothing… not just using existing energy and changing it to one form to another or making something new from existing materials that's called inventing stuff.

  5. What will happen to humanity when Robots take away all the jobs, do all the thinking. What will independent thinking robots need to keep humans around for? Zoo animals maybe if they will allow programed empathy to be and remain a part of  their programing. Roboticist's, There is no one dumber or unethical than people working to put them selves, their families and neighbors out of work. Even menial repetitive task jobs and slavery are better than homelessness, starvation.

  6. I really love your positivism concerning the coming of AI and what you all call the Singularity. This humanity so much loved is but a step. Some forces would like us to keep already outperformed institutions, ways of being and ideas that would no longer apply and as a matter of fact do not apply now. Embracing change has always been the way.

  7. This isn't just evolution. Once we have machines with common sense that can think for themselves, create their own things, and are thousands of times smarter than us, we all are going to be a second class global citizens. That's when a multi planetary life will be needed, when we will be seeking asylum in other planets. Not sure if we're even gonna make it that far, because we don't know what these machines will be capable of creating…

  8. the fear comes from thinking that humanity will be wiped out if this 'evolution' occurs, our intelligence will become very inferior to that of the AI. and we wont be the most powerful thing in the known universe anymore and hence be wiped out or maybe as you put it, we become them. i think this is a big issue and there is a lot of in between content which is hard to imagine and foresee, things we dont understand yet such as consciousness. the point is humanity needs to tread carefully, and not be wildly enthusiastic about certain advances just yet.

  9. I am not convinced that we have nothing to worry about. If we are to continue to exist 'robotically', the whole point of the human experience – the reason we are so complex and no one has figured out how to "do it right" yet – is nullified. For example, Passion (for something or someone) is something that every individual will experience in their lifetime; if we have infinity to feel our "passions" it will become monotonous. Inevitably, the meaning of "passion" will change – it will fade out. That's what I'm worried about; that feelings will fade out. I'm all for rational and logical thinking, but what drives us to behave in our unique ways – in essence, our humanity – ultimately depends on our emotions and how we interact with each other based on what we 'feel' is right. This is currently how I perceive this topic; I know there are countless possibilities and that just because I know and am comfortable with the human experience, that some other experience would not be as much or more amazing.

  10. great point, 
    Only reason for us to fear Ai, is if it was more limited than we are in its intelligence and then we went and gave it a keys to hurt us. Like giving a button for an nuclear blast to an monkey just to see would he press it 🙂
    Other than that, the point of AI is to transcend human limitation, so we should not expect from it to be limited to our primitive how's and why's. 
    But along with such AI (like we are not Ai also, but sure, for the convenience lets call it that), we would start to shatter our limitations of our own intelligence and our bindings to Ego.

    And i do think such advancements will create apocalypse, but the apocalypse of our comfort corners we have shut our self to. So those who fear such scenarios are those that feel attached to their own limitation

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