Artificial Intelligence for Kids

I was just making another video but got an unexpected call from an alien world. In this video, I help a girl named North from another planet help find a missing device using Artificial Intelligence. We use machine learning/deep learning technologies to help find the device in the mountain of data. Using programming, we’ll try to search for it. This video is made for the young and young at heart.

Code for this video:

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2 notes, i acknowledge that I
-used a feedforward net not a convnet.
-didn’t write out the full details of the activation function

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  1. Thank you so much for making high-quality videos and putting in so much effort! I loved how you crafted a story and explained in such a simple way. My friends and I are already big fans of your videos! šŸ˜€ Please keep making more and more awesome videos!

  2. Thief! (/ā€¢ąø“_ā€¢ąø“)

    1. I am going to sue Siraj…( Ķ”Ā° ĶœŹ– Ķ”Ā°) ( Ķ”Ā° ĶœŹ– Ķ”Ā°) no just kidding, we should strive to distill deep learning in a way children can understand!

    2. I also wrote a thing called "Artificial Neural networks for kids" some number of months ago (See url in first comment below)

  3. Siraj I really think you should invest in a better mic. Your videos are amazing and I love them. The amount of effort you put into the content and presentation is insane. It always sucks that the one thing that makes it look ā€œunprofessionalā€ and ā€œamateurā€ is the sound quality. You can get a nice one for like 100 bucks. I think itā€™s really gonna pay off. Keep being awesome man!!

  4. This video began kid friendly.. then it went into basic adult level explanations as soon as the neural network appeared on the screen.
    Apart from the kid stuff at the start.. this video is just an easier to learn video (for adults)… if a kid is not really into code, none of this will matter or hold their attention.

    Good work tho!

  5. Programming is not an art form. Painting is not an art form either. Both are skill sets or crafts.

    What you do with those crafts, however, could potentially be produce something artistic. As a general rule though, itā€™s just writing logic rules or leveraging other peopleā€™s much more powerful logic rules for the purpose of executing a task repeatedly and reliably that you couldnā€™t do without the ultra-fast computation of a CPU or GPU

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