Baby elephant is overcome by river current. Then her aunt springs into action

A little elephant named Lia found herself in a tough situation when she got stuck in a muddy creek. Luckily, her aunt Kery was there to bail her out!


Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

Kery and Lia live at the Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary in Indonesia. This sanctuary is home to eight elephants between the ages of two and thirty. One day, one of the youngest elephants, Lia, took a wrong step and got stuck at the bottom of a muddy creek. The little elephant tried to climb out of the creek, but she kept falling back into the water.

The clearly frustrated baby elephant paced back and forth in the stream, the swift current rushing around her. She tried climbing out again, but the ground was too slippery.


Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

The determined baby elephant tried over and over again to climb out of the creek, but she couldn’t do it. Finally, her aunt Kery found her. When Kery saw that her little niece was completely stuck, she went to rescue her.

Kery jumped into the creek and stood behind Lia. As Lia climbed onto the bank, Kery pushed her from behind. With Kery’s help, Lia successfully made it out of the creek.

Kery climbed out too, and the two elephants walked back towards the rest of the herd. Once they reached the rest of the herd, Lia probably got a stern talking-to from her aunt and mom about playing near the creek!


Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

The video of this daring rescue has gone hugely viral, and it has received over 100 million views. Everyone who watched the video was amazed by the way Lia’s aunt came to her rescue.

In the video’s comments section, many people wondered why no humans came to help Lia. An eagle-eyed commentator pointed out that a sanctuary worker was monitoring the situation. It looked like he wanted to see if the elephants could solve the problem themselves before he stepped in.


Source: Facebook Page

Other commentators also said that it seemed like Kery was seeing if Lia could get out on her own before she helped her out.


Source: Facebook Page

Thanks to Kery’s help, Lia was able to get out of the creek before she got hurt. Check out the video of the daring rescue below!

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WATCH: Little Cute Elephant Need Help- …Baby Elephant is Lia, and helped by her aunt Kery. This video was shot at Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary-Indonesia.

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