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  1. I’ve my whole life that animals get killed to be eaten, but my heart skipped a beat and suddenly I felt this horrible feeling, why why why why why do we do this there is no right at all in this behaviour, we are animals as well how would we feel, omg I’m just so disappointed, I’m going vegetarian and build up to vegan!

  2. Sorry people, i dont want to hurt you. But this seems like giant ''public relations'' on process. Because anyone opposed to slavery, should see that most of the people in the world, even in the usa, are in poverty. And it is obvious that poverty makes more poverty and crime. And so many people spent time in jail for those poverty related crimes. Furthermore, a lot of people are slaves for their bosses. İ mean, a lot of people have to work 12 hours a day, and if you dont know, this means you cannot have any social life. İt causes lot of back aches believe me. So, what about poor countrys grain ? Yes you do not take it to feed your animal. So they couldn't sell it. They starve again. What about agricultural landscape ? You think you saved it ? No, for the same amount of energy, you need more vegan food instead meat for example. Your arguments are tolerable, i can see why you choosing to do this. But these are not true facts. Someone is misleading you on purpose i think.

  3. Your fucking absolutely retarded if you'd ever lived and worked on a farm you'd know this is all lies bull calfs are usually neutered for live 4-5 years or left bulls for breading and dairy cows are usually kept for around 15 years and if people would be willing to spend more money on milk we'd keep them for longer but there's no money to do so we do what we have to to afford to run the operation and have any kind of money at all farmers aren't rich like everyone thinks so for profit means so we can survive tell they're killed and that is shit meat that you'll probably never eat, chickens are kept alive tell they quit laying or the ones that are bread for meat are kept for 3 months and and we are destroying little or no Environment to do so unless you include shit and such which will happen regardless so get your fact straight and quit lying you worthless sack of shit and don't drop your kids as much as your parents dropped you

  4. Great film, I wish this would be showing in theaters,& television. Not everybody sees this on the computers, I cried , for the abused animals, they are beaten and kicked , & have not done anything to be punished for,the calves are taking from the mothers before they get to nurse from the mother, she is hurting for her baby's, that taken from her, and killed for Veal. I will do whatever I can to help these poor animals. I will pray to God to help them.

  5. There's a difference between livestock and pets you dumb fucks. Cattle where put on this earth as food, not to live in your house and sleep on your couch like a dog you stupid assholes. All vegans should take a vow of silence like this guy and shut there mouths forever.

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