Big Brother Recap: Was The Eviction Halted?

Big Brother Season 19 has been filled with twists since it premiered, but the biggest shocker of all came on the latest episode of the CBS hit. 

The Den of Temptation has played a key role in some of the season’s biggest evictions, but nobody could have prepared for what was about to happen when the latest twist was unleashed on the house. 

Julie Chen Evicts Someone

With The Halting Hex being announced live on air, it gave one houseguest the power to cancel the week’s eviction and send Julie Chen home early. 

Bidding Julie adieu and saying she was not getting to welcome someone on to her stage would be hilarious enough, but did it come to fruition?

Let’s get to it.

We picked up with Dominique still reeling in the aftermath of being kept on the block. Paul wanted her to apologize to him, but she did not give a damn. 

Dominique Causes a Stir

She then turned the tables on Elena and tried to argue with her, but Elena steered clear of the situation. As she told Mark, he realized he would have to vote one of his closest friends in the house out. 

Dominique wanted to blow up every game in the house, and that’s why she said to Alex in front of everyone to “Protect herself.”

Things took a crazy turn when Mark and Josh played a friendly game of pool. They decided that the person who lost would have to drink pickle juice and hot sauce. 

As expected, Josh lost and refused to drink the wretched cup of crap, and even lied that he won the game. Mark flipped the eff out and the other houseguests watched on in horror.

Josh Martinez

He poured the drink over Scott’s face, prompting Josh to throw condiments over him. It was a hilarious scene, but Josh was not about to let it die.

He called Mark out for trying to rally against Paul and Christmas. These were blatant lies, and the other houseguests looked on as Josh continued his rant.  

Jessica took issue with Josh saying he has never lied in the game and tells everyone his plan to their face. Jessica said that Josh said he was targeting Christmas and wanted her out of the game. 

He then tried to back it up by saying that’s because he was lying to her (Jessica) that she had his vote. From that moment on, everyone questioned Josh’s true motives. 

Jessica Graf

The dude is a ticking time bomb and needs to be dealt with before he breaks up more alliances. 

We also got the reveal that Jessica had won the Halting Hex, giving her the power to cancel one of the next four evictions. When it came to the eviction, she knew she was sitting pretty against Dominique, so she decided against using it. 

However, it seemed Paul was on to her at the close of the live show. He was telling his allies that he knows Jessica has it. 

Paul Abrahamian

Elsewhere, Julie met up with the four houseguests doing the Battle Back and prepared them for it. 

We find out how it all plays out tonight in the special Battle Back episode. 

What do you think of all the twists?

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