Bill Gates: I think we do need to worry about artificial intelligence

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on drones, start-ups, artificial intelligence and privacy versus security concerns.

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  1. Bill would probably have been a solitaire player over a minesweeper. I guess we'll never know since he put them there to see which one you would chose first.
    But don't worry about AI. It's still years off. He didn't turn that choice monitoring system into a suggestion machine. That would be like, AI. Hmm, now let's see. What was that system called that supported those harmless games? It couldn't have been Microsoft? Could it?
    I mean, now that Apple's greatest tech is going straight to the military while they develop blah products for consumers that don't in any way follow along Steve's trailblazing path, you trust OS? Even open source software becomes single source.
    Just like Mark Zuckerberg taking CIA startup funds and keeping his mouth shut, I wonder what was going on at IBM while Bill was writing dos? He sure has been humble and kind compared to the rest of these billionaires. Then again, so was Mark at first.
    At least now it's beginning to come full circle. They knew the curtain would disappear. They wanted us all to be as happy as clams with their work by the time it was finally revealed, you know, so we wouldn't kill them when we figured it out. And if not, blame it on the Russians. Or the Chinese. Or whatever. It doesn't matter that the US government developed the technology that is the metaphorical moon in this race, and therefore must be the original source.
    I mean, everyone is acting like they are no longer human or this is Alien technology. The only things buried in Area 51 is a giant super computer, which we invented from scratch last century, on freaking film. The military needed a few colleges to link up it's new "internet" with and got some open minded tech people who wanted to free the world to imprison it by mistake. If you put yourself in the shoes of our past leaders, you can see who was doing what and why by looking at history in context.
    Except our leaders are doing it to us in real time right now.
    I just hope you all realize that you are all now the press and the police, the voices of the future and the leaders of today. There is no more time to lose. Don't let the computer govern you, use the computer to govern your government, and any rich person who would topple it.
    Wondering why Charles Koch closed his facebook page? Someone should open a paparazzi site on him so we can keep tabs on him like he did on us.

  2. The only reason why pple are ill talking about bill gate is just that they are jealous of his success, but everyone should learn to be conteptes with what they have. Remember u may be bill gate to some1 who is much lower than u physically or interms of health so chiil guys

  3. Bill is honestly the greatest! A brilliant mind yet always so down to earth.. and he never talks about how much money he has, what he’s worth, etc. We need more people looking up to Bill instead of all these rappers polluting young minds for their own financial gain!

  4. Musk, Gates, Hawkins all the greatest minds are worried about it for a reason.

    The only tech mogul who is against regulation is Zuckerburg. A.I. for Mark isn't about making facebook better, it's about farming data on people and predicting people more effectively for one of it's biggest investors, the US government " specifically DARPA". And of course all the money they will make from providing this info.

    Following this avenue, you create a self aware AI that knows where nearly every human on earth is, where they will be, there behaviors. Now give this to the defense industry. Add to this defense responsibilities like controlling drone armies….see where this is going? It's really not far fetched, a few hundred drones available today could take on any army, any time, any location. We have drone ships, we had drone bombers, drone fighter jets, drone quad copters with mounted machine guns and heat sensing cameras, not to mention all the stuff from boston dynamics like big dog and whatever else they have cooked up, now weaponize that.

    The computer power is there, the machinery is there, all we lack is one thing for Terminator style judgement day is Self Aware AI going rogue. And these pricks laugh about it as if its some fantasy. All we need is to build in hard coded fail safes preventing certain actions.

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