Bollywood vs Hollywood comparison : How Indian People Watch Movies

Bollywood vs Hollywood is an age-old debate.
Some like Hollywood movies.
Some like Bollywood movies.

This is our reaction when we watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies when we’re together.

We used movies like Fast and Furious 7, Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Aashiqui 2, Dragon Ball Z, golmaal, and other popular and new bollywood movies to compare with similar hollywood movies.

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  1. तुम तीनों का बाप एक हि है क्या, तीनों same reaction देतो हो हर सीन पे,

    , yellow वाली लाडकी acchi थी लेकिन height जरा कम है, उसकी मम्मी को बोलो complain पिलाओ

  2. I LOVE Hollywood …….Hollywood is better than Bollywood. HOLLYWOOD showing cool movies when people look this movies they think all real.Hollywood technology is so cool because they are talented people.Bollywood copying Hollywood movies then the picture is flop.They do not show real things and immediately people have become bore.Hollywood showing science fiction movies they feels become real.Hollywood's actors are beautiful and handsome ,talented they know how to hit pictures.This quality of Hollywood I like most.

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