Bollywood VS Hollywood – Everything You Need To Know

The Bollywood and Hollywood similarities and differences.
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  1. bro…ur analysis r wrong…. please don't compare hollywood with hindi films…. first u menrioned that bollywood produces more movies in world.i totally disagree with this…hindi movies average production is just around 200 films per year.whereas kollywood aka tamil cinema produces more than 220 films per year.however bahubali is not a hindi film .it is telugu-tamil bilingual.films like bombay,roja etc…..,r tamil movies… is better to compare kollywood(tamil) vs bollywood(hindi) both in terms of revenue as well as content….hollywood is too large to be compared….know the facts right….

  2. The mainstream Bollywood IS trash.(love story, illogical action,lack of talent,4-5 illogical songs between the movie)
    sorry to say but Bollywood is not an industry…its a society

    But yeah, there are a bunch of guys who’ve been trying to change the image, and as a result, every year we get a few amazing movies from Bollywood…like Newton,massan,talvaar…..

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