Boy is victim of hate crimes at school. Then a gang of bikers show up at his school

While some biker gangs can be ruthless, there are some whose kindness outshines their intimidation.

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Earlier in November, CBS Boston reported that there was a New Hampshire boy being racially targeted because of the color of his skin.

Seven-year-old Eze, who is biracial, was the primary focus of a series of hate crimes, ranging from a racial slur keyed into his mother’s car, to a saw horse thrown into their yard, and then a fried chicken and watermelon tossed onto their car.


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Steve Vachon, one of Eze’s neighbors who is in the Manchester Motorcycle Club, wasn’t going to let this kind of behavior slide.


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“Nothing’s ever happened on our road like that and it’s just wrong, and I don’t like it,” said Steve Vachon.

So, the club rallied around the family, offering their support and mending the hate with fun. With their presence, Eze and his family certainly don’t feel alone as Eze goes home escorted by 20 bikers roaring their engines outside his school in Derry, Massachusetts.


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In addition, the motorcycle club went a step beyond offering their unspoken protection.

On November 11, 2016, they made Eze an honorary club member.

“We just want to share something with the kid, that he has people who care about him,” Steve said.

The honorary ceremony included bestowing Eze with a helmet, his own jacket, and a ride he’ll never forget.


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“The best part of today is riding a motorcycle,” Eze said. “It means a lot because I’ve never been part of a big, giant club.”

Jaci Stimson, Eze’s mother, is deeply moved by the motorcycle gang’s action.

“I think it means the world to him. He knows the town supports him and no one hates him, and that he can walk with pride and he doesn’t have to be scared.”

Thanks to the noble actions of the Manchester Motorcycle Club, Eze has a newfound ambition when he gets older.

“When I grow up I’m going to get a motorcycle,” he says.

And who knows, maybe when Eze grows up, he’ll be able to take a proper solo ride as an official member of this tough biker gang.

But overall, thanks to their protection, Eze now has a bright future to look forward to.

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[Source: CBS Boston]

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