Boy sells hot chocolate, donates all the money to help veterans with housing

12-year-old Zachary Rink had a simple idea with a great execution.

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By selling hot chocolate mix packaged in a reindeer shape, Zach raised $250 for veteran housing.

Zach began his fundraising efforts in 2015. He was inspired after completing a class project, as well as the recent death of his neighbor who was a World War II veteran.

“We were learning about homeless veterans and I just thought it was really sad that veterans had to live on the streets like that,” Zach said. “I went home that day and asked my Mom and Dad, ‘Can we make a hot chocolate stand?’”

Vicki, Zach’s mother, helped her son by searching through Pinterest for ideas. There, she discovered the reindeer-shaped hot chocolate mix that inspired the basis of their fundraising product.

Since then, the project has grown and inspired a unity throughout the community.

With help from students and teachers from Zach’s school, a Girl Scouts of America troop, and friends and family, each hot chocolate mix was filled and decorated by 30 volunteers.


Source: NJ

“We knew we couldn’t meet the demand because last year there were so many people asking for them,” Zach’s mother said. “We vowed that this year we would make it bigger and better.”

With the growth of the project and the funds accumulating from it, Zach’s father, Chris Rink, contacted NHS Fresh Start to organize a donation fund from the money raised. NHS Fresh Start is a veterans’ housing program located in Philadelphia and Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

“It was such a great program to take people from the streets and try and get them acclimated back to civilian life.” Chris said.

Thankful for their efforts, Zach and his family were invited to a breakfast and ceremony by NHS Fresh Start so that Zach could see the impact he was making in people’s lives.


Source: NJ

“They usually invite people that donate $1,000 or more and I only donated $250 and we had to stop because it was so close to Christmas,” Zach said. “When they invited me, I was really happy that they invited me. I guess they were really touched that someone my age would donate money to veterans.”

Courtesy of all the positive feedback Zach has received from veterans for his fundraising, the 12-year-old boy says he plans to conduct another fundraiser next year.

“They say it’s just really good,” Zach said. “I feel like they are proud of me since I’ve been going through with this. At the breakfast they asked me if I was going to do this again and I said, ‘Oh yes, I’m going to do this again.’”

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[Source: NJ]

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