Boy spots soldiers eating at the food court, goes over and thanks each of them individually

While opinions over the military can be divisive, I think the fact that men and women put their lives on the line to protect their country is a commendable feat.

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Not everyone may share this opinion, but for those that do, they are definitely teaching the next generation something important.

This was the case for one Washington, Pennsylvania family.


Starting as just an ordinary day, five-year-old Caidon Markley with his father M.J. were at the Crown Center Mall to catch a movie. They decided to grab a bite to eat before heading into the movie theater, so they headed towards the food court and enjoyed a nice bowl of rice.

There, the boy noticed some interesting fellows sitting at a nearby table, who happened to be a group of soldiers enjoying their own meal.

Sometimes, seeing men in uniforms with upright posture and seemingly strict dispositions can be intimidating for children. This wasn’t the case with Caidon, though – his father M.J. noticed that the boy seemed to be captivated by the men, so he encouraged him to go say hello.

“I said, ‘Go over and talk to them,’” M.J. recalled. “So he goes over and shakes the one guy’s hand, the first guy, and then the next thing you know he’s going around the table. I’m like, wow.”

M.J. had taught his young son that men and women in uniform should be thanked for their service – and the little boy did just that.

One by one, Caidon walked around the table and shook each soldier’s hand, telling them thank you.

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Source: CBS Pittsburgh

M.J. was so impressed by his son’s actions that he wanted to memorialize the touching moment on video.

“Proud, proud moment for me and my family to watch him give them thanks, you know.”

M.J. then uploaded the video to the Washington County site, where it quickly became viral. M.J. and his wife Shannon were amazed by the sudden popularity and reactions.

“We’ve never had anyone in our family all over the internet like that before,” Shannon said.

But ultimately, the proud parents were beaming with pride over their son’s thoughtful action.

And what was Caidon’s response to the whole thing? As simple as a five-year-old boy’s would be – it was just another ordinary day.

While Caidon may not understand the significance of his gesture, he had the right intention. To him, the soldiers “make people safe” while protecting us against “bad guys”, and that’s why he thought they deserved to be thanked.

Based on the smiles of the soldiers, they were definitely flattered to be recognized for their service.

Thank you, Caidon. We salute you.

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[Source: CBS Pittsburgh]

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