Calf Compression Sleeves, Yesloo Breathable Shin Pad Over Knee Calf Support for Running, Cycling, Basketball & Training, Suitable for Men & Women, Black, 1 Pair

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Improve Athletic Performance & Enhance Recovery

Graduated Compression sleeves may help reduce fatigue via stabilization of muscles, decreasing muscular vibration and oscillation, which may improve muscular strength and endurance during exercise. They can help increase oxygenated blood flow which can minimise the risk of injury and facilitate recovery. Use of calf compression sleeves may even help prevent shin splints and cramps


Top rated compression support stockings for athletes – Great for a wide variety of sports including basketball, running, cycling, MMA, CrossFit. Choose the best calf compression sleeves to enjoy improved athletic performance in the sports you love


The advanced cuff weave/design keeps the guards in place – no need to stop to adjust or pull back up! The cuff is reassuringly tight without restricting blood flow. The seamless design means no irritating socks seams or labels to cause discomfort


2 x Over Knee Calf Compression SleevesFunctions: Ideal for all sports activities e.g. running, cycling, soccer, rugby, fitness, hiking, gym, yoga, golf, tennis, squash, triathlon, cross fit, weight/dead lifting etc. They are also perfect for people who stand up for long periods at work, fly regularly, suffer from calf strains/muscle pulls/Achilles tendon injuries or to combat deep vein thrombosis
Features: Made from Lycra silk fabric, ultra thin, sun-protective, non- slip, comfortable, sweat absorption, breathable, high elasticity
Size: Calf size 8.3”-14.6”, Height 23.6”, with good elasticity, tensile range of about 4”
Sun-protective: UPF50+ sun-protective, effective to protect your skin from UV light
Breathable: The Lycra silk fabric with perfect comfort properties of air permeability, moisture permeability and moisture conductivity

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