Can LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers be stopped? Takes By The Lake

CLEVELAND — The Cavaliers have flipped the proverbial switch, crushed the spirit of their opponents and proven that the regular season means oh, so little.

It’s been eight up, eight down for the Cavs during the playoffs, who did plenty of sleepwalking during the regular season. The postseason is a different animal, one the Cavs tamed last year and seem poised to make another run at taming this year.

LeBron James, perhaps playing at a higher level than ever before, has destroyed the hopes and dreams of the Pacers and Raptors. Either the Celtics or the Wizards await in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the latest episode of the Takes By The Lake podcast, Doug Lesmerises and Zack Meisel welcome’s Joe Noga to discuss whether these Cavs can be stopped.

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