Cashier with autism squishes her loaf of bread and is slow, so she writes a message to his boss

When Winfarthing, Norfolk resident Emma Shawcross walked into her local Diss Tesco store, she was wasn’t expecting anything more than your typical shopping experience. This changed, however, when she met Rob.

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Rob was Emma’s cashier. Although he was enthusiastic, scanning her items before she had even finished unloading her cart, he left quite a large pile of things to be bagged at the end. She also noticed that he squished her bread, and he took quite some time scanning her awkwardly shaped items. When she asked for bags, Rob counted them carefully and meticulously, double-checking just to be sure. He did the same when returning her change.

Some shoppers would find themselves annoyed with Rob’s enthusiastic work style, slyly glancing at their watches, and tapping their feet in impatience.

For Emma Shawcross, however, the experience was “just perfect”.


Source: Emma Shawcross

Emma is the mother of a 12-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with autism, and she recognized a few behavioral similarities exhibited by Robert. She knew he had autism as well. 

Instead of getting annoyed with Rob’s work style, Emma patiently waited for him to finish.

Eventually, she asked about his job and his experiences working at Tesco.

Unfortunately, it’s not rare for people with disabilities to encounter stigma and prejudice in the workplace environment, and Rob says he is grateful for the opportunity that Tesco has provided him.


Source: Emma Shawcross

When Emma returns home, she logged on to Facebook and decided to contact Tesco about her experience.

She likely did not anticipate the flood of incoming responses.

Emma’s post has since gone viral, garnering over 120 thousand likes and 2500 shares. Thousands of Facebook users have commented, praising both Tesco and Emma.  Many were touched by her experience, describing it as “beautiful” and “heartwarming.”

She wrote:

I want to tell you about my experience at your Diss store today. When I got to the till with my large trolley of shopping there was no queue, so I started putting my items straight onto the conveyer belt. The guy on the till said hello and started scanning my items as I was still putting them on the belt the other end. You can imagine the pile of stuff that was waiting for me when I went to go pack.
When I asked him for 5 bags he counted each one, then recounted them a further 2 times before handing them over to me.
The guy didn’t really talk to me, he squashed my bread when he scanned it but I waited patiently whilst he took his time, especially when trying to scan the awkward items.
By the time I went to pay I had already worked it out, so I counted out my money with him, which he obviously recounted and then counted my change out two times.
But you know every moment of that was just perfect. I asked him how he was finding the job and he chatted a bit about his experience of Tesco and how they had given him an opportunity many other employers hadn’t. See this guy is Autistic. As a mother of a 12 year Autistic boy this makes my heart smile. Changing attitudes teamed with employers, like you, who really do offer equal opportunities are a changing people’s lives. So thank you Tesco, it was a pleasure shopping with you today.

The Tesco Facebook page has since responded to Emma, stating that Rob and the manager of Tesco Diss, Jo Marsh, would be “delighted” to hear her feedback.  In response, Marsh has praised her team, saying: “My colleagues at the store work hard to serve customers a little better every day and Rob is no exception. His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around him and he is a real credit to our store.”

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