Cattle trample worshipers in India during holy ritual (VIDEO)

Dozens of men have been trampled on by “sacred” cows in India during a Hindu ritual intended to bring good luck to those the cattle march on.

A video filmed in Bhidawad village in the region of Madhya Pradesh shows a group of men lay face flat on the ground while scores of others look on as a herd of cattle walk all over the worshipers.

The ritual was carried out Monday, the day after Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights,
as part of Govardhana Puja celebrations.

The purpose of the centuries-old  ceremony is to get God to answer the prayers of the trampled. Those who are touched by the cows during the tradition are believed to be blessed with luck.

The cows are decorated with colorful floral headpieces and henna by the villagers before they squash the willing participants.

1 November 2016 | 9:51 pm

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