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Designed to be strong and durable:
Ideal for any field basketball, school, oratorio, public areas, gyms, for any structure with basketball fields. The Retina cdsport is designed to withstand extreme conditions. The premium stainless steel is rust proof, keeping the original form of the retina also in case of rain and snow. Also Premium Steel ensures that the connections of the retina, resist to each dunking.

Easy connection to any net:
Designed to be versatile and practical, the retina cdsport connects easily to any standard basketball ring. Just attach the hooks of the retina at the net and to close with a pliers, (follow the instructions in the pack).

Classic Retina steel basketball’s premium:
The Retina cdsport not only will to any condition Intense atmosphere and to a game, but will also be beautiful to see. The Retina cdsport has the classic look of basketball nets, and the brilliant stainless steel premium long the chain after each batch. In addition, the retina cdsport does not tangle, it keeps beautiful and shining, regardless of the time. It is also suitable for basketball fields covered, for fiber have a longer lasting compared to traditional network hairnets.

Package includes:
A Retina per unit purchased

– High Premium Quality: Made of steel, ealizzata Premium Stainless Steel, Rustproof so the retina cdsport Basketball Game withstands the most intense conditions and weather throughout the year.
– Long lasting: Size regulate, designed to adapt to any type of steel basketball hoop, the retina cdsport Premium, and is compatible with all hoops, in playgrounds, in schools, public areas, gymnasiums, the speakers and also at home.
– Easy: Easy to install, the retina cdsport to its ends is supplied by strong hooks, also in premium steel, which need to be closed with the help of a pliers once positioned on the hoop on the inside of the pack you will find instructions, Retina requires ten minutes, and is very simple.
– Durable heavy: Constitution, the retina cdsport is sturdy, durable, and will last over time, while maintaining its original appearance.
Versatile: Use for both interior and exterior, the retina cdsport Steel Premium resiste in all weather conditions, but also can be used indoors, in order to have a sound and a better resistance even at the gym.

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