Celtics Defense On LeBron OR LeBron’s LOWLIGHTS From 2018 ECF GM1 – 5-16 FGM, 7 TOs! | FreeDawkins

Boston Celtics Defense On LeBron OR LeBron’s LOWLIGHTS From 2018 ECF Game 1 – 5-16 FGM, 7 TOs! FreeDawkins- NBA Video’ –Like And Subscribe For …


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  1. Field goal and turnover tallies only tell half the story. The real stats come from what the Celtics ultimately prevented LeBron from adding to his stat line based on this video. Preventions does just that, turning intangibles into tangibles by quantifying stuff you don't see on the box score like contested shots, charges, deflections, and other cool things.

    In this video, the Celtics (as a team) prevented LeBron from adding 7 shots for 16 PTS, 3 AST and 2 possessions.

    6 of the shots were completely open, meaning nobody was there to confront LeBron as he was shooting. Either the defender was too far away from LeBron, or they didn't do enough to convince me that LeBron was feeling uncomfortable while shooting.

    There was even an uncredited shot attempt. At 2:58, James throws the ball to Thompson to attempt a lob-lay-up, but the pass was off-key thanks to a Tatum deflection, altering the ball's trajectory and into the hands of Baynes. In my metric, Thompson would have received an extra FGA to account for the missed shot.

    Four of the plays featured some help defense. The action could be obstructing a passing lane through contesting (as if you're contesting a shot) or putting a body on to block one view, or recovering the ball after a steal or block to end a possession. Smart, Tatum and Baynes did good on their assignments.

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