Cities with 2 major pro sports titles in the same year; Cleveland bids to join list with Cavs, Indians

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland is one win away from joining the short list of cities with multiple major pro sports titles in the same sports year, a feat last achieved 12 years ago by Boston.

Overall, two NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball championships for the same city or metro area has been achieved 15 times – though technically it has happened just 10 times for the same city. (Full list below.)

The list includes the New England Patriots (Foxboro, Mass.) and Boston, Anaheim and Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco, and twice New York and New Jersey (with the NHL Devils and NFL Giants in New Jersey).

The Cleveland Cavaliers broke Cleveland’s 52-year title drought by winning the NBA title in June. The Indians are one win away from the 2016 World Series title, entering Game 6 on Tuesday.

The last time Cleveland had multiple titles in the major sports, Cleveland’s football championship did not come in the NFL. The Indians won the World Series in 1948 a few months ahead of the 1948 Browns winning their third All-America Football Conference title. The Browns did not join the NFL until 1950.

Below are the cities with multiple titles in the same sports years for the NFL, NHL, NBA or Major League Baseball.

New York and Los Angeles dominate the list, as would be expected because they have multiple teams in pro sports leagues. But it’s also been done by Baltimore, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

(Note: For football, the championship since 1965 has been determined in the next calendar year after the regular season. For example, the 2004 New England Patriots included in this list won the Super Bowl early in 2005.)

  • 2004 – Boston Red Sox (MLB) and New England Patriots (NFL)
  • 2002 – Anaheim Angels (MLB) and Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
  • 2000 – New York Yankees  (MLB) and New Jersey Devils (NHL)
  • 1989 – Oakland Athletics  (MLB) and San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
  • 1988 – Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) and Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
  • 1986 – New York Mets (MLB) and New York Giants (NFL)
  • 1979 – Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) and Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
  • 1970 – Baltimore Orioles (MLB) and Baltimore Colts (NFL)
  • 1956 – New York Yankees (MLB) and New York Giants (NFL)
  • 1952 – Detroit Red Wings (NHL) and Detroit Lions (NFL)
  • 1938 – New York Yankees (MLB) and New York Giants (NFL)
  • 1935 – Detroit Tigers (MLB) and Detroit Lions (NFL)
  • 1933 – New York Giants (MLB) and New York Rangers (NHL)
  • 1928 – New York Yankees (MLB) and New York Rangers (NHL)
  • 1927 – New York Yankees (MLB) and New York Giants (NFL)

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