Complete Guide to going Vegan! Must see!

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  1. I've wanted to go vegan for two years now, but my parents prevent me from doing it in my house. The nutritionist forbade me since at only 16 years is bad for my growth. I do not know what to do anymore, I'm a minor and I depend on them, my parents. I can not stand eating animal products anymore, I can not. What do you recommend me?
    I could only stop eating all kinds of meats, since I put myself on a kind of hunger strike. but I do not think it keeps working.
    please freelee, I need help. How can I convince my parents to go vegan?

  2. Being Vegan to save the animals and the environment is a nice idea…but people are going to kill the animals, emit the gasses and exploit the forest anyway. I could easily argue that a vegan allows 1 animal to go to waste in a day.

    The point of this comment is – what more can vegans do to make a difference?

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