Computer Science Field Guide: Artificial Intelligence

This video introduces the Artificial Intelligence chapter of the “Computer Science Field Guide”, an online interactive “textbook” about computer science, written for high school students. The guide is free, and is available from . This video may be downloaded if you need to play it offline.


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  1. you're playing with fire!
    let's go to the root of this technology.
    silicon chips right? SAND! I'm going to tell you something that is very profound.
    SAND can hold memory! Yeah! that's right! SAND! 
    That's exactly what we were made from. 
    We think we know everything. We can describe the properties of magnetism and use coulomb's law to determine electrical force right? But what we cannot do is tell anyone where magnetism comes from! Our entire foundation is based upon properties we "measure" from existing forces that existed way before WE DID!
    Imagine if a computer does become aware. It won't be able to feel anything including a sense of compassion. I'm very skeptical about this! We should start taking precautions; otherwise, the generations to follow will be in serious trouble!

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