Couple wants to do something special for 50th anniversary, wears their original wedding clothes

Some things never really change. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Carole-Ann, 71, and Jim Stanfield, 74, took a trip down memory lane by putting on their original wedding clothes.

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The elderly couple from Birmingham attended their anniversary party, dressed up in a white lace gown, and a sleek black suit — the same gown and suit they wore 50 years ago.


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“It is amazing we still fit into our original outfits and even more amazing that we still have them,” said Carole-Ann Stanfield.

The couple coincidentally found the clothes because their granddaughter, Hayley, wanted the two to find their old wedding pictures. Upon discovering the wedding outfits, Hayley begged the elderly couple to try them on. They were against the idea because the clothes were dusty and smelly, but they eventually caved in.


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“She begged and pleaded so we did it for her — we were gobsmacked when we discovered they still fitted perfectly.”

After seeing how well the outfits fitted, the couple then decided to wear them on their 50th anniversary day.

The Stanfields then invited all their friends, many of whom attended their wedding 50 years ago, so they could celebrate their anniversary. “A lot of people knew we were going to wear them, but they were still stunned to see us in them,” said Carole-Ann Stanfield.


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The loving couple said they met in 1962 in the men’s club where Jim Stanfield worked. Recalling how they met, Jim said the first thing he noticed about the woman who would be his wife was her big blonde hair.

“Jim loved my big blonde hair and I loved his humor — he is such a comedian and always makes me laugh. I think that’s the key,” said Mrs Stanfield. “We have very different interests and hobbies, but the laughter is what keeps us strong.”


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