Dog patiently waits for owner outside store, wears sign that says “Dad told me to wait here”

No matter how long his owner may take, and despite any temptations around him, Jackson waits devotedly for his owner to come get him. Waiting has never been cuter.

Instead of staying inside a cramped car while his owner runs errands, this Golden Retriever patiently waits outside stores and other establishments until his owner returns. One might think Jackson could easily be distracted or lured away, but in fact, he is trained to do the exact opposite.

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Steve Moore, Jackson’s owner, rescued him from a shelter when Jackson was three years old. Within a short month, Jackson learned many useful tricks, his concentration being his most important asset. The two quickly formed a strong and special bond—Steve trusts Jackson to stay put, and Jackson trusts that Steve will return.


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Ironically, no one seemed to want Jackson while he was at the rescue shelter. But now, people are captivated by him when they see how patient and focused he is as he waits for his owner. They say he is the perfect dog, and he really is.

While Jackson’s abilities attract curious onlookers, they aren’t just for show. By learning to sit tight, Jackson doesn’t run the risk of being dognapped by strangers, or of running into traffic. To avoid mishaps like these at the beginning of Jackson’s training, Moore would conceal himself and watch while Jackson practiced avoiding distractions in public areas.

Steve is Jackson’s one and only best friend, and there’s no one else he would rather wait for. Watch the video below to see Jackson’s remarkable skills.

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[Source: The Pet Tree House]

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