Draymond Green Talks About His DiSSING LeBron Arthur Mood Shirt | GSW 2018 Parade

Draymond Green Talks About His Arthuer Mood DiSSING LeBron Shirt | GSW 2018 Parade – NBA Video’ –Like And Subscribe For More! Follow me on Twitter …


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  1. Lets be real, draymonds only doing this to get attention and to get haters he does this to get noticed because his game is hardly noticeable so his trolling and his trash talking is a way to get us to notice him which i think means he hungers for attention because he lacks self esteem

  2. Karma is a bitch, one day this ugly fuck will find himself without 3 allstars and will need to carry a team. Then he will learn quickly that he is indeed cut from a different cloth and lacks the talent to do so.

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