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Can dinner get any more comforting than when enjoyed out of a bowl? I’d argue it can’t 😛
In these video we’ve got three vastly different nourish bowls for you to try out. I can say with confidence I love them all equally, so I can’t help you choose which to make first. But I guess it doesn’t matter, right? You’ll be making them all in the end!

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» Tahini:
» PUL article “the benefits of soaking grains”:
» PUL recipe “autumn glow bowl with golden glow sauce”:
» PUL recipe “deconstructed sushi bowl”:
» PUL recipe “burrito bowl with creamy guacamole”:
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❤ Sadia

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  1. Hey friends! I need your feedback: I've created another version of this video with just the natural sounds of food preparation + music (no voiceover). A lot of you, and myself included, seem to find this very calming/comforting. Find it here: Let me know in the comments of the other video which you'd prefer going forward: A) upload both versions of the video, B) upload just the voiceover version, or C) upload just the food + music version (no voiceover). Thanks for providing your feedback ❤

  2. I like want to live off your videos for this year and see how much better I’ll feel afterwards; I know it will be greatly 😄 and maybe introduce my family to the recipes too! They eat meat, so I probably can’t convince them to give that up lol, but maybe it could be incorporated into these dishes <3

  3. I learned from a chinese friend to make fast rice. Two cups of water for every cup of rice. Bring to boil with lid on, once boiling take lid off and keep boiling on low for 10 minutes. When time is up put lid on for another 10 minutes and voila all done. Works for white and brown rice. 🤗

  4. I love your recipe ideas but struggle to conceptualize how to make them “me” friendly. I’m mostly on the low FODMAPS diet with a few additional allergies on top, meaning no corn, onions, pepper, apples, celery, almonds, tomatoes, along with being gluten-free and vegan. I know that’s quite the list. I’m inspired by your channel which is why I am hoping you can give me some ideas on what to make.

  5. I tried the burrito nourish bowl with a few alterations (there's no sriracha where I live so I had to settle for normal hot sauce + added some tahini in there just for funsies) and it turned out delicious! Super filling. I couldn't stop eating! Thanks for these amazing recipes!

  6. Please put your chopsticks by the side of your plate and not on top of your food,it's rude and is considered as an offering to the dead in Chinese culture 😊 Just think of it like placing your knife and fork sticking out from your food. It isn't pleasant.But I still love your videos don't get me wrong ❤

  7. Hiiii, I wanna try the burrito bowl with guacamole, I wanna meal prep it for the week, which brings me to my question how would I prevent the guacamole from browning? Is there even a way of doing so? or I just have to prepare it fresh?

    Thanks so much for your videos, highly helpful 💐🌺

  8. Lovely Sadia,

    I'm on my way to eat less and good quality meat and I am so happy to know that there are such nice recipes like this to make this experience easier. I tried the two first bowls and they are simply AMAZING, specially the one with brussel sprouts! This way makes much easier and tasty to incorporate veggies I didn't like on my meals!

    Thank you very much for the creations and for sharing it!

    Bests from Germany! 🙂

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