Eli Thompson, the Boy Born Without a Nose, Sadly Dies Aged 2

Once in a while, a story of extraordinary bravery and positivity in the face of real hardship touches us all. We hear about people coping with adversity  in such poignant fashion that the protagonists touch the lives of those they will never meet. The story of Eli Thompson is one such tale.The toddler was born without a nose due to an incredibly rare condition known as arhinia, which causes sufferers to be born without nasal passages and sinus cavities.

So scarce is the condition, in fact, that it is believed to only affect one in every 197 million births. In addition to being born with arhinia, Eli had to undergo a tracheotomy a mere five days into his life, but overcame these hardships to develop an effervescent, infectious personality that endeared him to people all over the world. He was loved fiercely by all who knew him.

His father says that Eli would use baby sign language, every morning trying his luck by signing “cookie” in a bid to be given a tasty treat; even winning the Cookie Monster Award from his daycare.

Sadly though, the two-year-old who captured the hearts of so many through his spirit and love of life, has died just a few months after his second birthday on March 4, according to his father Jeremy Finch.

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