Esther Beauty Eye Mask / Sleep Mask / Sleeping Masks for Women & Kids, Warm / Cold Gel Pack Travel Eye Mask (Blue)

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Why using a sleep mask?
The hormone Melatonin regulates the day-night cycle of the human body and controls the recovery phases during the sleep. For the production of this hormone, the human body requires sufficient darkness. Lightness prevents the production of Melatonin. Even a little portion of light during your sleep, for example caused by a digital clock, is a disturbance. Sleep masks however provide complete darkness for your sleep.

This sleep eye mask is Recommended for People who:

– Have problems getting a good sleep;
– Travel a lot and find it difficult to sleep in unfamiliar environments;
– Have a bedroom cannot completely be shaded by black-out curtains and you want to sleep in;
– Cannot fall asleep because your partner wants to read or watch TV;
– Are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation;
– Want to improve your life feel happier have more energy and wake up invigorated;
– Have puffy, swollen eyes or dark circles under eyes;
– Are suffering from headaches, or pain of swollen Sinuses, Clogged Nasal Passages and Allergies.Cute design with various cartoon crown big eyelash pattern print,bring you a pleasant sleep and give you a lovely and pleasant mood.
Beautiful healthy eyes: Gel Eye Mask is made of eco-friendly, nontoxic condensate and purified water, sealed with soft skin friendly PVC. Use it chilled as a cold Eye Mask(leave it in the refrigerator) to alleviate puffy, swollen eyes, fatigue, headache, pain and tension. Or use it as a warm eye mask (microwave 15 seconds in water or just warm it up by hot water) to comfort the pain of swollen Sinuses, Clogged Nasal Passages and Allergies.
Fully Adjustable: Velcro closure design; adjust your eye mask based on your own personalized comfort level with better-contoured fit; Suitable for women & kids.
Perfect fit: Specially designed to fit comfortably around your eyes while completely blocking out ambient light; a perfect companion for siestas, naps, travel, or long nights of sleep.
Versatile: Hypoallergenic and odorless for daily use; suitable for both children and adults; great for beauty-conscious people and those who endure a lot of eye strain at work including computer users, students, and more.

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