Exfolation Set of 3 Body and Face Peeling Gloves made of natural Loofah sponge and Hemp and Sisal Fibres- Exfoliating and Cleansing – Excellent Christmas or Birthday Gift

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Taking care of your skin does not just mean spending time on your face. Instead, it means taking care to ensure that your entire body is getting the exfoliation that it needs to help be sure that you are looking and feeling your healthiest on the outside. This Set of Small Body and Face Loofah, Hemp and Sisal Gloves intends to help you achieve this by giving you everything you need to take care of your skin from the top down. The Perfect Little Exfoliation Set is a set of three different gloves intended not only to help you take care of the skin of your face but the skin of the rest of your body as well. The natural loofah, hemp and sisal gloves provide you with an easy way to scrub away at your skin. Perfect for your shower, loofah and hemp gloves are natural exfoliators that help to get rid of dead skin to keep your skin clean and glowing. On your face and body, loofah and sisal especially are ideal for those who need to cleanse their skin while providing it with gentle exfoliation at once. This exfoliating loofah set features easy wear gloves so you won’t have to worry about them falling off of your hand. This bath loofah set is ideal for a Christmas gift for someone you know who needs to take a moment to care for themselves every once in a while. Able to serve as a loofah back scrubber, this set is also ideal for anyone who wants a more efficient way to take care of their own skin as well. Grab the Set of Small Body and Face Loofah, Hemp and Sisal Gloves today by clicking add to cart now.❤ THREE BEAUTY TOOLS With this loofah peeling set, you get a loofah, sisal and hemp pad that attaches to the hand for easy cleaning and exfoliating to provide you with a well-rounded bathing experience
❤ CLEANSING LOOFAH GLOVE The loofah sponge delicately wipes away at dirt and grime while providing gentle exfoliation for face and body
❤ EXFOLIATING HEMP GLOVE These hemp gloves offer careful exfoliation of the dead skin on your body
❤ REJUVENATING SISAL GLOVE Sisal is also suitable to the dry massage before an Epilation around ingrown hairs to free carefully.
❤ IDEAL AS A GIFT You can give this sisal, hemp and loofah pads for women and girls as a natural, efficient and eco friendly Christmas gift

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