Fushi Exotic Beauty Oils Gift Set

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A collection of the finest beautifying tropical oils from all over the world. Vibrantly packaged this exotic collection features some of our most exciting oils for skin hair and beauty from all over the world. Pure freshly cold pressed and unrefined each oil offers its very own unique skin or hair benefits. The oils come in the perfect mini gift size to introduce one to the “world of beauty oils” Included in this sumptuous gift set is the Polynesian Tamanu oil famous for its skin healing attributes often called the ‘Oil of The Gods’ Tamanu is becoming increasingly popular as a beauty oil. There is the African Moringa oil renowned for its immense age fighting properties and its unique healing values. The tropical Passion Fruit Seed oil for its delicate fragrance and nourishing qualities that’s perfect as a body oil. From the desert lands comes the exquisite Pomegranate with its wealth of skin nutrition. Not forgetting Asia the Japanese Camellia oil for its fabulous moisturising qualities and lastly the Brazilian Buriti oil for its amazing skin and hair benefits often called the Amazon’s Beauty oil. It is exotic and indulgent collection of oils to enjoy and experiment with and at the same time reap the amazing abundance of benefits that oils offer for beauty. This gift set contains 10ml sized bottles enough to enjoy a transformational beauty regime: – Organic Tamanu oil Wild Moringa oil Organic Pomegranate oil Organic Camellia oil Organic Buriti oil Wild Passion Seed oil All contained in a beautiful Gift BoxIndulgent mini beauty oils collection gift set
Selected for their unique beauty and skin healing benefits
Pure, freshly cold pressed and unrefined oils are included
Natural and pure oils handpicked selection
Gift set contains 10ml sized bottles in a beautiful exotic themed gift box

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