Fushi Natural Beauty Oils Gift Set

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A collection of oils specially selected for their unique beauty & skin healing benefits. Beautifully packaged with a handpicked selection of beauty oils that are pure freshly cold pressed and unrefined. This natural collection features some of our most popular oils renowned for their amazing benefits for the skin and hair. Each oil offers its own lovely unique properties and comes in the perfect mini gift size to introduce one to the “World of beauty oils”. Included in this delectable gift set is the king of all oils Argan oil renowned for its rich vitamin E content and deeply nourishing action for the skin and hair. The wonderful Carrot oil rich in beta- carotene and known for its distinct healing uses for the skin. Not forgetting the nourishing Avocado oil for its incredible age fighting and skin replenishing properties. Also included is the nutrient packed sweet-smelling Cherry Seed oil for its deep moisturising attributes calming Calendula oil for its skin soothing properties and finally the enchanting Rose oil for its uplifting fragrance perfect for baths. It is the perfect little oils collection to enjoy and experiment with and at the same time reap the amazing benefits oils have for the skin and hair. This gift set contains 10ml sized bottles enough to enjoy a transformational beauty regime. Organic Argan oil Organic Avocado oil Organic Carrot oil Organic Calendula oil Organic Cherry Seed oil Organic Rose oil All contained in a beautiful exotic themed Gift BoxIndulgent mini beauty oils collection
Fights the signs of ageing, moisturizes skin and conditions the hair
Pure, freshly cold pressed and unrefined oils are included
Natural and pure oils handpicked selection
Gift set contains 10ml sized bottles in a beautiful exotic themed gift box

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