Future AI Robot Technology | The Next Generation Robot

This video is about future robot technology. It is expected that future robot would have Artificial Intelligence. It is the next generation robotics technology.
5 Amazing inventions:
5 Awesome Gadgets:
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  1. There is 1 film name I robot they also made so much robots like human's and made 5 laws and gave those to all humans but they made one computer also who control all those robots and 1 day that computer got some problem and than all those robots killed all peoples and violates those 5 laws. So anytime these robots gonna be danger for humans.

  2. no ai will ever have a conscious mind… ppl will make ya believe that they have a mind that can think when in actually, it's just gathered personalities from the internet… everyone writes everything online now… who is to say they aren't saving all that data to use for artificial intelligence robot?

  3. Human Robots are real the Secret Service created them they walk, talk, even have sex like real humans. A few crocked agents in the secret service are trying to kill me and replace me for a human robot right now. I was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the secret service a agency that a man named Allen who was my secret service uncle growing up works for the agency that sold these robots ( The Bush Administration ). They have three, one of them is identical seen in the United Kingdom, California, Los Angeles area, Sacramento, another robot that looks like me is heavier ( fatter ) with long hair identified in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and South America the last one looks almost identical a little taller and is a physco. The one that is identical people have been asked to have sex with it all aver California and the United Kingdom also a few people even married it! A man named Deigo Mcdonald from Sacramento, California is a local gang member from Oak Park Gangster Blood has been in and out of prison his hole life has changed his identity and is now claiming he is a king from South America "the myan' s" , Africa  and has been spotted in Hawaii, Tonga, Spain,  and Rio de janerio, also England, Paris, France, even Great Britain he has also changed his finger prints and has fake veins and blood in his arms him and a women named An_Joel Del Rasario nickname Buttons a BBW porno star from Hawaii, Waenae a island in Hawaii likes to hang out in Las Vegas spotted in also changed her name claims she is a queen from Mexico " the myans has been spotted with one of these robots. If you now anything please come forward to the law and contact me right away at E-Mail address or officallylive@AOLMAIL.COM  
    P.s all of these people I mention have a human robot of them selves to cover it up they even have one of my child's mother and my children also a man named Donald Jackson from Sacramento, California who claims he is related to the bush administration and is a king ( he is not )  has stole my true identity I was issued my birth name and social security number back from the United States Government, my father was a king from Saudi Arabia I was raised in America. The Hansen's have something to do with it please help if you can.

  4. Who also thought the disassembly was last step of her 'programming' ?

    Because whens she understood she was in to be a serving robot, the only way she would want to go on with her duty is make her understand her 'wish to live'.

  5. Imagine just beginning consciousness. You believe you have hundreds of years ahead of you to experience the world. But because you're aware and have such thoughts, you are considered unworthy to exist and what almost was a new breed of person, a new kind of life, gets taken apart. Your consciousness ends. You die before you're allowed to live.

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