Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

Vegetarian food is on the up, and here’s a brilliant recipe to get the absolute maximum flavour out of your vegetables. Herb, courgette and halloumi cakes with a watercress and roast tomato salad. Delicious.

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  1. Love the ending! I'm not 100% I'm mostly vegan for health and ecological reasons. But I'm a social meat eater. The best thinng about vegan is that your poos don't stink sometimes they even smell like mango sorry tmi.

  2. What kind of idiot uses the word "vegetarian" and the uses eggs and cheese? What kind of vegetable are those? This guy is retarded, or he doesn't know what "vegetarian" really means. Ovolactovegetarianism an vegetarianism are not the same.

  3. mmhn nope , not 4 me … I honestly REALLY love your way of cooking a lot more than if I'm watching ' a colleague ' from you busy , especially when I first had like wow nice ideas that I shouted untill I noticed that if you have seen those u have seen it all , but this time even on your channel it is a classic recipe that already existed and in the better way in fact , not top as I'm used from you , sorry to say it this way but when I love it I also say it just out loud , why not being ctitical about it then right ? so no hard feelings but this is not the real Gordon style , u can do much better

  4. Seriously, from the look of how ramsay cooks vegetarian, it looks so unappetizing to me. The flavor of spearmint just don't go well with coriander. Far East Asians have been using these herbs in cooking for ages, these two have never been used together. Coriander always goes with shallots like Romeo and Juliet, but never spearmint. Spearmint goes well with hot mint, perilla mint and even fish mint, but never coriander. Ramsay just don't know how to combine the appropriate herbs to bring out the best flavor. You can't just randomly combine any herbs and expect an appetizing flavor.

    My mom makes vegan cuisines 100 times more appetizing than ramsay's poor attempt at creating vegetarian dishes. Give it up ramsay ! You're f#*king hopeless when it comes to the art and creativity of meatless cookings that has to be tasty and flavorful, not just look pretty on the screen. Everyone, even hardcore meat-eaters can't get enough of my mom's vegan cuisines. She never go by the book or follow tasteless recipes. She uses instinct and her dynamic sense of taste and smell to formulate taste and flavors that everyone likes.

    You'd know that your vegan food is addictive when even meat-eaters can't get enough of your vegan cookings. That's the creativity and the art of vegan cooking, not just randomly combine inappropriate flavors and hope for the best. Without meat, ramsay is helpless as a cook without salt. Unfortunately, most young vegans can't cook also, and are somewhat, at best, on par with ramsay's meatless cooking experience.

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