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Grinch Dog causes online controversy.

Woman causes controversy by turning her dog green.

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Woman causes controversy by turning her dog green and dressing him up for Christmas like the Grinch.

The owner of the dog has justified her behaviour.

In response to criticism, the woman who dyed her dog’s fur green, red, and white to make him resemble the Grinch for the holiday season has defended her actions.

Ashley Spielmann demonstrated how her small schnauzer Rizzo changed to resemble the well-known figure in a TikTok video.
Since then, the video has received over 10.5 million views.

The 37-year-old stated the dye job was done by the pet’s usual groomer using dog-friendly colouring in an interview with Newsweek.

In our home, we simply adore the Grinch, Spielmann told the publication.

“Last year, my younger kids watched the movie every night. I therefore reasoned that we should do something amusing and that he would make the ideal Grinch because schnauzers by nature have grumpy expressions.

“I talked to our groomer about the hair colour being safe and asked if she could do the Grinch. She pounced on it and did a great job,” the owner said. “Our groomer has used colour for other dogs here and there.”

The Grinch-like makeover of the dog in the TikTok video divided viewers; some praised it while others criticised it.

Commenter 1 stated: “You’ll regret it. He or she seems so dejected.”

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,” another person remarked.

The colouring of the dog’s fur, according to Spielmann, caused “quite the commotion” on social media, but she said she was not letting it bother her.

“In all honesty, nothing still surprises me. In today’s world, I anticipated it, “she declared.

“My intention was to promote joy, smiles, and the holiday spirit by doing this.

“On TikTok, I actually received a message from a woman who said that she watched my video while undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.

“She claimed that it made her entire day. It was amazing that my dog could brighten the day of this total stranger who is going through one of the worst things.”

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