How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution | Kevin Kelly

“The actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable, but the general direction is inevitable,” says digital visionary Kevin Kelly — and technology is much the same, driven by patterns that are surprising but inevitable. Over the next 20 years, he says, our penchant for making things smarter and smarter will have a profound impact on nearly everything we do. Kelly explores three trends in AI we need to understand in order to embrace it and steer its development. “The most popular AI product 20 years from now that everyone uses has not been invented yet,” Kelly says. “That means that you’re not late.”

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  1. AI is destroying the net, since targeted ads are a must for currency among websites, the tageted ads and/or recommended site/videos shown to people have caused serious irreprable damage to the USA. More terror attacks have happend, with all evidence pointing to mobile/net influence. The USA is pumping more propaganda than knowledge, depending on where one lives and the lifestyle that is being lived. If the towers are monitered and attacks grow, then it is US to blame for recent terror attacks, not the people. We are influenced by what we see everyday.

  2. "The actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable, but the general direction is inevitable,————-Hmmmmmmm, I see AI taking over the world and eliminating anyone that tries to stop them—–INEVITABLE for sure!

  3. At 11:00 when he starts talking about "inefficiency" how science and innovation is "inefficient"… ai/robots can perform more test fail a lot faster and produce 100x the amount of art projects we can.
    On top of that. When 1 robot learns something… they ALL learn it from a simple update. What happened to the horses it what will happen to the humans.
    -Stephen AydtBot #6591
    Good luck humans may the best race win

  4. Such intelligent stupidity. Why would the smart robots do all the work when they would have at their disposal an abundance of idle humans to do it for them? Pandora's box is now fully open, stupid humans have now created the instrument of their own demise. Learn to embrace your imminent enslavement.

  5. Artificial intelligence and bots are going to create jobs that we still do not know … if I was given $ 10 each time I heard that phrase. Unlike what happened with the pascaline in this case the autonomous systems will gonna be autopoietic. Then: no. There will be no jobs for us in the future. With luck, if we are not very annoying, we will be allowed to live with the minimum necessary (universal incoming) but not continue to procreate us. As soon as the machines understand that we are a very dangerous virus, they will prevent us from doing anything until humanity disappear.

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